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GEETHA GANESAN is one of the few young Bharatanatyam Artists of the present generation, who has also been acclaimed as an accomplished Dancer, Dance Guru, Nattuvanar and a vocalist. With her innate talent and years of experience as a performing artiste, Geetha has matured into one of the finest Bharatanatyam dancers of today. Her Abhinaya speaks volumes about her mimetic prowess and she is well known for her high creativity and novelty in presentation.

A recipient of the scholarship from the Human Resources Development Dept., Govt. of India, Geetha, had her initial training in Bharatanatyam under Guru Sri.P.R. Balakrishnan, and has ever since been under the guidance of Guru Sri.V.S.Ramamurthy & Guru Smt.Manjula Ramaswamy (Directors, Sri Rama Nataka Niketan), Hyderabad.

Geetha has also further trained under Smt. Savitri Jagannatha Rao (Chennai) for Nrtta and Smt.Priyadarshini Govind (Chennai) for Abhinaya and has received guidance from Prof. C.V. Chandrasekhar and Smt. Kalanidhi Narayan(Chennai).

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