What students say about Uttaraa?

About me...

I am Priyanka Natesh studying at Rosary Convent, always striving hard towards perfection, my interest in classical art forms has been nurtured and tuned at Uttaraa Center for Performing Arts(UCPA).

I started my training in Bharatanatyam at UCPA in early 2001 and have ever since been an important part of the UTTARAA troupe. I have donned prominent roles such as ‘Sita’,’Krishna’ etc. and have also been greatly appreciated for my neatness in Nruta and Abhinaya.

I have performed both individually and as part of the UTTARAA troupe at many places on more than 100 occasions at prestigious venues in Hyderabad and other parts of the A.P. and at Mysore, Sringeri, Chennai etc.
Thanks to the training by my Gurus, I have won many prizes during annual competitions held by Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Andhra Balanandam, All India Competitions including the Ugadi Puraskar recognition.

My arangetram was held on 7th March 2005, presided by PadmaBhushan, Chevalier Smt.Alarmel Valli. I dedicate the appreciation of my performance to my gurus. The Devi Varnam, composed by Jayapradha Akka, was greatly appreciated by everyone.

I am presently under the tutelage of renowned vocalist Gaana Kokila Smt.Prema Ramamurthy. I have also won prizes in vocal music at prestigious All India competitions.
About my Guru...

It is now 6 years since I entered the school of UTTARAA as a little girl to learn classical dance and what started as a hobby has now become a part of my life. The learning from my beloved teacher, Guru Geetha Ganesan has brought special recognition to me in my family, school and society..
On Uttaraa Center for Performing Arts...

I have seen UTTARAA blossom into one of the best dance and flute schools in Andhra Pradesh setting the foundation to many budding dancers and aspiring flutists. It is our privilege to be under the tutelage of Guru Geetha Ganesan (who captivates the audience by her nattuvangam and is one of the very few dancers who does both singing and nattuvangam) and Vamshi Vinodini Jayaprada Ramamurthy (who is the only well known female flutist from AP and is also an Internationally recognized artist).

With such determined teachers at the helm, I am sure this institution will churn out great dancers and Flutists in the years to come and be one of the best Classical Arts schools in the country.