What students say about Uttaraa?

About me...

I am Amruta Mungikar studying in VIII standard of Sri Aurobindo International School.

I joined UTTARAA in the year 2002. In the starting when I joined this institute I just had a will to dance but all my dreams came true with this very institution. I give the whole and soul credit to my gurus. In the span of 6 years I have learnt some intricacies of Bharatanatyam and I have to learn much more. I also have learnt to work in harmony and rhythm with others. Seeing the dedication of my guru, I feel I should be so in whatever career I choose. Today I have lot of confidence to face the world, all because of this second heaven Uttaraa.
With the blessings of my guru I have given 115 stage performances in a span of 6 years of which there are many performances [both solo and group] not only in A.P. but also in Maharashtra, Karnataka. My best solo performance which I would never forget in my life would be my dance at ALL INDIA MULTILINGUAL BRAHMIN MAHAADHIVESHAN 2007 held in Maharashtra where I performed for 30 minutes before an audience of about 2 lakhs. The experience after this performance was very enthralling. I have also performed in Mysore, Machalipatnam, Bagalkot, Tirupati, Aurangabad, Yadigirigutta, Suryapeta, Medak and various places in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. I have won many prizes in many competitions like the ALL INDIA DANCE COMPETITIONS, competitions conducted by the ANDHRA BALANANDA SANGAM etc.
About my Guru...

She is a true gem. I think I should be thankful to god who has given me such a great and dedicated guru. As everyone knows almost every Uttaraa student has bagged numerous prizes in various competitions and the secret behind the success of this is the fabulous person behind the curtains who is singing and also simultaneously on the nattuvangam that is my guru Smt. Geetha Ganesan. I think 50% of success during the performance would go to the voice rendered by my guru and the other 50% to the hard work of my guru who teaches us with so much dedication and perfection that almost all of our performances are flawless. I completely owe to my guru who has brought out the joy of life and divinity of music and dance, in me. I think my guru is a true perfectionist in anything and everything. Once in the class she is very strict and sticks to her act of being a perfectionist and a great performer but once after the class she is just like any of us who plays any games with us. I like this attitude of my guru the most. I have given many performances but the performances I would never forget would be the ones when I danced with my guru like the Jugalbandi, Rukmini Kalyanam and many more. On the whole I think my guru is a person with a vision of taking us everyone to great heights.
On Uttaraa Center for Performing Arts...

UTTARRA CENTRE FOR PERFORMING ART (UCPA) is my second home. I spend most of my time in this institute. I learnt good virtues such as punctuality, obedience and hard working from UTTARAA. It is this institute which has given me the courage to perform on the stage.

Both the gurus Geetha Ganesan and Jayaprada Ramamurthy encourage all the students. They give every child an individual attention and they develop the child. Every student of UTTARAA feels that he/she is blessed by the god to learn these art forms with perfection, harmony, wisdom and power.